Mobile Queue Solution

Let your customers to queue on smartphone freeing them to runs multiple errands at same period of time.

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Mobile Queue let customers has real time queue status on smartphone keeps intact to queue from remote.
This provides great flexibility and optimally elevates customers satisfaction.

1. Download & Install

Donwload the QueueBee Mobile Apps at
Google Play or App Store

2. Register & Login

Login to the system,
or register a new account for first time user.

3. Scan QR or NFC

Scan QR Code or NFC from service provider.

4. Choose Service

Select your preferable service category.

5. Queue Alert

Virtual Queue is obtained, and queue information is instantly updated. You are free to move around, the Apps will inform you when your turn is reached.

6. Satisfaction Rating

Put down your feedback or satisfaction level for the service acquired.

Ticketless Queue Go-Green

Mobile Queue eliminates the need for physical ticket.
A truely environmental friendly and cost saving solution.
Go-Green solution

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