QB20 Queue Management System

Powerful, Comprehensive & Centralization.
An uniquely designed solution to cater all types of business environment.

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QB20 series is specifically designed to cater any type of enterprise with wide range of services distributed across multiple departments within a single building/premise requiring a centralized and consolidated queue data for real-time monitoring & reporting analysis.

QB20 provides the flexibility for a queue number to be transferred from one department to another making it possible to simplify your customer flow management using One-Ticket-Multiple-Service Facility concept.

QB20 allows to be integrated with any third party system, such as HIS, CRM, SMS Gateway, Customer Database, etc.

QB20 also provides some premium features, such as:
- Mobile Queue.
- Integrated Customer Feedback module.

Web-based Dashboard

QB20 come with comprehensive web-based board for system configuration, real time monitoring & report analysis.

The standard report library consists of various reporting formats & templates which suite to specific need. The report time frame & duration is flexible & can be easily set. All reports generated are presented with real-time data giving you accurate and latest analysis.

Mobile Queue Apps

QB20 is Mobile Queue enabled, it allows customer to queue virtually via Smart Phone with QueueBee Apps,
which is downloadable for free from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Simple steps to download and automated setup give customer the worry-free mobile queue smartphone application.

No Annual fees. No user limit nonsense.

Virtual Call Terminal

A fully web-based virtual call terminal which is accessible via any internet browser, allows workstation to perform various queueing activities such as CALL, RECALL, TRANSFER, etc.

Advance Features

QB20 allows queue data to be transferred from one to another catering the complex requirements of customer that need to seek consultation from multiple specialists / services. The entire process of queue transfer is detailly and recorded for flow management monitoring & analysis.

QB20 ready to be integrated with any 3rd party system such as HIS, CRM, customer database, thus provides the

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